Destroy Everything's 4th Album
Freedom Of Speech Means Talk Is Cheap
Out On April 15th !!!

Seasoned punk veterans, Destroy Everything, release their 4th album: Freedom of speech means talk is cheap, a motley collection of punk anthems with a definitive " Fuck You " spirit. Produced by Skwert (Choking Victim, IN-DK,American Distress and Public Serpents)...
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Destroy Everything
On Tour This Spring

DETROIT, MI - Tuesday, 5/13

CLEVELAND, OH - Wednesday, 5/14

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Thursday, 5/15

HAVERHILL, MA - Friday, 5/16

DANBURY, CT - Saturday, 5/17

ROCHESTER, NY - Sunday, 5/18
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New Pictures Page Added

See some of the latest photos from MXV as well as some old snapshots from the DE archives.
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I Never Would've Survived 'Nam With You Pussies
(Good Thing It Was Only Skatopia) - Part 1

By Gunnery Sergeant Hanover Fist
(with apologies to Francis Ford Coppola)

Friday, October 26th, 2007, 0422 hours

We set out from Philadelphia reeking of krusty punks and recycled bell peppers. We had been on maneuvers since September and had stopped in Philly to play a set in the crawlspace of a condemned building for three punk squatters, two crack addicts and a stray dog. After the show we hung around for a bit, passing a bottle of Night Train and bullshitting with the dog... more



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